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BoatNextDoor - Making waterways safer and more accessible for all

Our Story

We are Australia’s first true Peer to Peer (P2P) watercraft service
provider. Unlike our competitors, we do not own commercial boats that we
advertise, nor do we charge a premium to boost ratings and advertisements. Our service model is simple, we list local owners’ vessels & watercrafts and market to local customers who wish to use their asset. The default search will always be postcode based, so no matter who you are, or how much you want to pay, the default search will always be nearest to the customer first. 

Our company rates itself highly on safety and we are all about having fun. Because we are serious about safety, 20% of all our net profits before tax will be donated to the Australian Marine Rescue Services who help keep our waterways safe. And because we are serious about fun, we have kept our process super simple and our fees low.

Our Values



Change is rapid and as such we need to remain agile. We will take our clients and staff needs into account to build the best possible service for all.


We are inclusive in everything we do. From the service we offer to the staff we hire. Unity is an important part of our future. 



We openly communicate and constructively challenge one another to build the best service for everyone.



We want to share our knowledge with the local community. Knowledge arounds boats, waterways, dangers and regulations.


We are about making the experience memorable for our customers. We are about connecting together and making lasting memories.



We have no worries or concerns and we want our customers and staff to feel the same. We cannot stop bad things happening to us, but we can certainly help prepare for when they do. We will help equip you to the best of our ability.

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