Boat Eligibility Policy

Boat Eligibility Policy

All boats (excluding non-powered water sports equipment) that are listed on Boat Next Door for rental purposes (without a skipper) must be registered as a Domestic Commercial Vessel (DCV).

Boat Owners must upload an AMSA provided Certificate of Survey or an exemption hereto (EX02) and a Certificate of Operation at the time of listing their vessel. Only once Boat Next Door has validated this may you successfully list your vessel for hire.

Non-Powered Water Sports equipment such as kayaks, surfboards, boogieboards, canoes and standup paddle boards do not require commercial registration.

Jetski’s are listed at the owners discretion and hired at the customers discretion. Although Boat Next Door offers the platform for this to occur, and we offer a checklist to ensure safety requirements are met, we will not accept any liability claims from either side. The customer will be held liable for any damages and they will sign a waiver to this effect.

Commercial Registration

All sailing boats, motor boats, fishing boats, speed boats and pontoon boats under 12m long are eligible to apply for an Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) 02 Exemption Certificate. Sailing boats, rowing boats and tinnies under 7.5m long with no engine, or with an engine under 4.7HP, do not require an Exemption 02 Certificate.

To ascertain a commercial registration, you must ensure your vessel has the following;

  • An Australian Builder Plate and
  • Meets the minimum safety requirements locate here.

As a private boat owner, you can either register your boat with AMSA as a Domestic Charter Boat with Vessel use 2 in which case only commercial skippers with an AMSA recognised Coxswain Grade 1 or Master licence may skipper your boat, or Vessel use 4, which is as a hire and drive vessel skippered by the renter. Recreational renters only require a standard boat licence to skipper a boat that has been certified for hire and drive use. If you need any further clarification, please contact

For a step by step guide to apply for an AMSA 02 Exemption Certificate, please click here.

Last Updated: February 2022



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