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Insurance policies for private recreational boats/pleasure craft only cover “private use”. This means they do not provide
insurance cover when boats are rented out to generate income. In order to apply for insurance, you require an Exemption 02 certificate from AMSA. This certificate is an exemption from requiring a maritime safety survey that
complies with Australian Maritime Safety Authority regulations (AMSA). All sailing boats, motor boats, fishing boats, speed boats and pontoon boats under 12m long are eligible to apply for an AMSA 02 Exemption Certificate. Sailing boats, rowing boats and tinnies under 7.5m long with no engine, or with an engine under 4.7HP, do not require an Exemption
02 Certificate

When private boat owners apply for an AMSA 02 Exemption Certificate, you need to decide what Service Category you want your boat to be certified for. The Service Category is summarised by a number (1-4) followed by a letter (A-E). The number designates the Vessel Use and the letter designates the Operational Area. The two tables below (copied from the AMSA website)
provide a summary of the options. You can only apply for an AMSA 02 Exemption Certificate for Service Categories 2D, 2E, 4D and 4E. All other Service Categories require a commercial survey to be completed. If you select vessel use 2, your vessel can only be skippered by a commercial skipper that holds a Coxswain Grade 1 Near Coastal licence or a Master Licence that is recognised by
AMSA. See this webpage for details:

If you select vessel use 4, then your boat will be certified for ‘hire and drive’ use which is for bareboat rentals where only the renter can skipper your boat.

In summary, as a private boat owner, you can either register your boat with AMSA as a Domestic Charter Boat with Vessel use 2 in which case only commercial skippers with an AMSA recognised Coxswain Grade 1 or Master licence may skipper your boat, or Vessel use 4, which is as a hire and drive vessel skippered by the renter. Recreational renters only require a
standard boat licence to skipper a boat that has been certified for hire and drive use. If you need any further clarification, please contact

We’ve made an easy step by step process with screenshots. Just click here.

If you want to arrange insurance cover that enables you to rent out a boat that is over 12m long, you need to organise a Certificate of Survey and a Certificate of Operation through AMSA and seek a commercial boat insurance policy. Please click here for details:

There are many insures who currently allow for such bespoke cover. To ensure you are at ease without having to pay for a commercial insurance policy, our trusted insurance partners are; (List Coming Soon)

Normally your non-licence watercraft will have its own cover, or if it’s a small item, will be covered by contents insurance. Check with your insurance provider prior to leasing, if you have any concerns.

We will go through the necessary steps to ensure the owner is present at the agreed time however we understand things don’t always work out as planned and emergencies do come up. If the owner does not show up we will give you a credit to an equal value, with a future 10% discount to use.

Petrol is included in the cost.

Depending on the state you’re in, you will have support at no cost. Click here to find out which service providers cover your state.


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